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Coven · of · Hecate


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Today I bought this statue of Hecate. I figured it was the least we needed. We also need votive candle holders for the quarters, and a table that we can use as an altar (that is big enough).

Let’s have a meeting. Later this week, in the evening, would be a good time for us. Should we meet at my cabin, your place, or somewhere neutral?

In the meeting we can talk about:
How relaxed the rituals should be
Starting to think about the rituals to write, and what kind (intention, initiation, dark moon, full moon, seasonal rituals)
What tools we need
Where we should host the rituals (we where thinking our little cabin, but if you have a better idea please let us know)

In our minds eye we see a very relaxed atmosphere, where people can be themselves, and we have time to talk during the circle. I understand that you have a lot of experience with witchcraft, and that is a good thing. Most of our members will probably not have so much experience with witchcraft, at least outside the Wiccan religion.

I hope to incorporate a lot of cleansing and grounding in the rituals, and perhaps some meditations would be nice. I want people to go off feeling refreshed and connected to themselves and Mother Earth (as well as energized by Hecates powers.)
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On May 10th, 2006 06:04 am (UTC), blackromeo commented:
Sounds like a good plan to me! :)
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