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What Angel I need Now

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So you need Healing (56%), Knowledge (30%), Inspiration (60%), and Strength (43%)?
Archangel Israfel is the Angel of beauty, song, counsel, sympathy, and resurrection. He is a compassionate Angel, always inclined to offer comfort and guidance to those who are feeling lost and abandoned, and bring joy and laughter back to those who are without hope. He wants us to know that we are never alone and inspires us to love ourselves and to be confident and have faith.

Israfel is the Patron Angel of entertainers who brings mankind the gift of song, and with it the joy that will inevitably follow. He is a special Angel to musicians and those concerned with beauty, be it beauty in art or the beauty of life. His most famous instrument is the trumpet, but he is also mentioned playing the lute. Those two represent all string, pluck and wind instruments.

If you are the kind of trumpeter that’ll “wake the dead” in the middle of the night, you may have more in common with Israfel than you though. For he is also the Angel of resurrection, and what does he use to awaken the dead from their slumber at the end of the world? That’s right. A trumpet. His role at the final judgement makes him the Angel of life and new beginnings, representing the kind of hope that fills us when the sun rises over the horizon to drive away the darkness of the night.

A Bit of Trivia:

Israfel is a very compassionate Angel indeed. He “looks three times each day and three times each night into the depths of Hell, and is so stricken with horror and grief at the plight of the damned souls that he weep so that his tears would flood the earth, if God did not prevent them from flowing.” He is also said to be very beautiful and the master of music. Edgar Allan Poe once wrote in his poem Israfel: “In heaven a spirit doth dwell / Whose heart-strings are a lute; / None sing so wildly well / As the angel Israfel.”

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