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I went through the listings at www.witchvox.com and invited people that seemed interesting out for coffee. I ended up inviting a lot of people, and in return got a lot of responses. I didn’t do it to get members for our coven, but simply to meet more witches and pagans. It will be very interesting to meet these people, but it is hard to organize since I only want to meet one person a day. (and avoid Wednesdays since it’s a Mars day and I don’t feel like I want that kind of energy in a friendship. Perhaps it’s just my misconception of Mars energy though. What do you think?)

Anyway, I will start meeting people next week. It’s gonna be fun!

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On May 4th, 2006 06:17 pm (UTC), blackromeo commented:
I think it's a good idea to avoid mars energy for what you are doing. mars energy can be good when you have a confrontation planned, but in this case it will hopefully be the opposite.
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